Providing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leadership
Registration is now open for the 2020 Green Giant Intern Program.  In partnership with Growers Express of Salinas, CA, visionfactory is providing a nine week program focused on teaching the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation and the basics of business operations to freshman and sophomore students interested in learning more about what a post-college world will look like.  As is consistent with all visionfactory programs, financial assistance is available for the program materials.  A subset of the participants that graduate from the program will work with Growers Express executives on industry research projects.  To register, click here.

Creating a Simulation War Game Set for Cyber-Crisis
visionfactory has been contracted to provide set design and cost estimates for a Cyber-Crisis War Room.  The elaborate set will include data visualization and augmented reality control rooms, PR Interview rooms, green screen rooms for live actors, conference space, break-out rooms and simulated transport rooms for corporate executives (Financial Services, FinTech, Retail, Processing, Data Hosting, Software Development, Internet Security), Federal, State and Local government officials, law enforcement officers, the media and students to practice high pressure decision-making in a realistic, social distance designed space.  Actual scenarios will be developed in partnership with ATPC members and the US Army's Center for Cyber Excellence in Augusta, GA.  War Games simulators exist elsewhere but are reserved for limited use and at significant cost to the participants.  The purpose of this visionfactory version is open access and share the experience to a wider array of professionals who could be affected by such a crisis but are not typically included in the loop.  And, by participating in this venture: the Georgia Film-Making Industry could gain greater knowledge and experience in the representation of highly technical and relevant content; the Georgia.Transaction Processors could improve readiness even at mid-management levels and Federal Law Enforcement personnel located in Georgia could strengthen business and media relationships and demonstrate global capabilities. 

Specializing in Designing and Delivering STEM Training

In 2018, Clarkston Community Center STEAM Camp for refugees and immigrants 8 - 13 years old was a tremendous success.  The first week of workshops conducted by the visionfactory team included Sohail Moon leading the Geometry curriculum with help from founder Lehn Ellingson. 
The principles of geometry were carefully woven into instruction on coding for the afternoon session in Robotics Design.  The Campers used calculations of the perimeters, areas and volumes of shapes to guide their robots through three obstacle courses.  Each of the campers selected roles in their teams (designer, coder, operator and course strategist) and raced against other teams in their age brackets.  The workshops helped the Campers apply geometry to solving everyday problems...that is if you need to navigate your robot through difficult terrain on a daily basis.  

In 2017, visionfactory added a second week "Music as a Business/Financial Literacy" workshop to the Clarkston Community Center's ART & STEAM Summer Camp this year.  Fetsum Tadesse led the workshop that provided Campers with the basics of personal finance including: How do banks work? Who prints money and why? What is compound interest? What are credit cards? How 

YouTube Video

much more can I make if I go to college?  All of this information is given in the context of GURU Hannah Ellingson's band, "Trying Times", as they try to make money in the music business and as they have to make some hard decisions about whether or not to take that next big gig.  Hannah designed the course curriculum and materials to integrate with the daily lesson on financial literacy. Here is a video of the band performing for the Songs for Kids Foundation event on April 30th.  Look for more performances and events coming up as they prepare for the workshop and provide a little entertainment along the way.  Each GURU volunteer can get up to 60 community hours for each workshop.  To find out more, click here.

In the summer of 2016, the visionfactory GURU's designed, built and delivered a STEAM workshop at Clarkston Community Center for campers age 8 - 13 attending the Art Camp.  The workshop was for one week and focused on teaching basic
concepts in Geometry and Trigonometry to understand how they can be applied to 3D CAD Design and Printing.  The workshop activities included creating a grid layout for a plot at the Center so that a scaled down version of a planned greenhouse could be oriented to maximize exposure to sun and access to water and electricity connections.  Another activity involved the campers in designing and building their own mandala's so that they could be converted into a 3D sculpture or artwork.  Many designs showed how the children's cultures where rich in using complex geometries for art, architecture, textiles and more.  

Last year, visionfactory and CCC co-wrote a proposal to the Arthur Blank Foundation and CCC received almost $80,000 for laptops and 3D printers.  To find out more, click here.

visionfactory® is for young entrepreneurs because it is run by young entrepreneurs and inventors who have created businesses and developed a valued set of contacts with educators, professionals and industry experts. At visionfactory, we know that your ability to develop and protect your idea starts with an understanding of Intellectual Property. A good IP strategy that gives you the best set of options to choose from will also give you the best chance of creating a business and getting funded.  

We work with young inventors and entrepreneurs to teach the basics of the patent process, copyrights, trademarks and keeping trade secrets. visionfactory is not a legal service but we can help young people decide if they need to pursue professional help to protect their ideas and businesses.

And, we can help you find other young inventors and entrepreneurs to collaborate with.  How?
  • By connecting with a network of kids who have already gone through the process.  They will share their experiences with you to help you evaluate, understand and even debate your options.  Creating teams that build your competitive advantage, sustainability or foothold in new markets; 
  • By providing a step-by-step approach to developing your product and building your business strategy;
  • By providing visionfactory Lean Startup Teams that are designed not only to look at the obvious directions for your invention's use but a 360-degree peer round table review of the market.

The first visionfactory Eco-System Builder STEAM units will be: 

  • Geometry, Art and 3D CAD Design
  • The Science of Soccer and Robotics
  • Finance and the Business of Music
  • Statistics and the Internet of Everything
  • Probability and Getting Investor Funding
  • Mobile App Development and Helping the 3rd World
To learn more about the world of Intellectual Property through the US PTO website, pressing here.

Got a GURU?
We work with young inventors and entrepreneurs to find ways to improve the world and make sustainable business models.  Our Guides to Using Really Useful stuff (GURUs) work hard to connect Developing World problems with innovation and solutions.   The GURUs of visionfactory are dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs and inventors get the best experience out of their product development and marketing efforts. 

Although newly formed in 2013, visionfactory employs a virtual bench of subject matter experts from all over the world to collaborate on creating stuff that matters.  We come to schools, hobby groups, youth organizations to give brief presentations on how Intellectual Property works.
Meet our GURU Lehn Ellingson.  Lehn is an inventor with a systems patent-pending for a sport licensing business.  He has been through the patent process and continues to develop new products for youth sport programs in the US and abroad.  His business contributes a portion of its earnings to scholarships for refugee players in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  If your business idea involves getting a patent or licensing in the sports industry, Lehn may be able to help you get there faster.  Contact Lehn at

visionfactory is always looking for young entrepreneurs and inventors that want to share their experiences with others and perhaps become GURUs themselves.  If you have an interest, contact us by pressing here.   

visionfactory is dedicated to delivering solutions that have an impact on our lives, society and helping those around the world in need.  Many of our ventures contribute a percentage of their profits back to development of young talent and building foundations for future knowledge.  Some of our time and contributions go to organizations like:

is proud to announce that we have become a part of the Glass Enterprise Team for Sports.  Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google. visionfactory's RefCam research and development project has the mission of producing a wearable computer and camera that can stream real-time what the Ref sees and provide education materials for young soccer officials. visionfactory is designing display information to help kids with lines coordination and collaboration.  We also have designed a bluetooth whistle for automated clock management.  Imagine instant replays for parents without the cost of the network, staff and equipment.
The visionfactory team is using the Glass Development Kit to create applications for officiating professional and amateur sports events "through the eyes of the Ref".  The purpose of the applications will be to improve the quality of the game and to provide educational tools that are real-time and impactful.

The visionfactory team is pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture with Equity Technology Partners to develop Media Industry solutions at Project Relativity.  The project brings high definition technologies in audio and visual to scale for content providers and distributors in new and innovative ways.  Examples of how these technologies can improve content are evident on our YouTube live performance captures.

Working with performing artists, our venture intends to provide them with the ability to network and control live audio/video feeds from the audience for display on various large screens on the stage.  And, we can allow the audience to view what the artists see and hear from the stage live and in full digital HD video and sound.