Become a GURU

If you are between the ages of 9 and 18 and have experience inventing things or running a start-up, contact us today. visionfactory has a simple application process and we look for people who can work with other kids to create something new and innovative for the eco-system.  GURUs must attend some basic training on Project Management, Team Building, Product Development and Business Model Innovation.  Then, it is up to the Concept Team to invite you to work with them. Even though GURUs are not paid, it can be a rewarding experience and an opportunity to build some lifetime relationships in the process.  Contact us today.

Become a VF Expert

If your 18th birthday has long faded into the past and since then you have built up some serious credentials in the industry, perhaps becoming a visionfactory Expert is of interest.  The vetting process is a little more extensive and subject to the approval of parents and teachers but your efforts will be well rewarded.  For legal, accounting and consulting firm participants, you may qualify for CLE Credits.  For Corporate Employees, you will need to check with your company's policies but visionfactory ESB service can qualify for Community Volunteer Hours.   There are a few Experts that will receive remuneration and reimbursement for approved expenses.  Contact us today.