GURU Services

The visionfactory team has GURUs that have developed their ideas and products for people all over the world.  From that experience, we now help young entrepreneurs realize that global markets may offer the best opportunity for their ideas and that they are not as hard to enter as they might think.  Emerging and Developing World Countries like Bhutan, Brazil, India, Jamaica and Liberia are excited to connect with US kids and bring entrepreneurial talent and ideas to their markets.  Coordinating with kids in Developed Countries like Germany, Israel and Singapore can leverage local talent to test products and trial marketing approaches.  Helping kids understand how the rest of the world looks at the problems that need to be solved and attempts to solve them is invaluable.  For more information on the Value of a GURU, see the attachment below.

The Entrepreneur's Journey

Our process starts with "what is the problem we are trying to solve?"  Innovation is not, however, a one step process. 

Using the foundations of Lean Startup, visionfactory GURUs teach kids that invention is an iterative system to refine ideas and build multiple solutions for any one problem.  The object is to get as many of these solutions through trial and fail process as quickly as possible to learn as much as possible about the conditions for success.  While the process is fun it is also a lot of hard work.  Once completed, the path for final product development is clear and the marketing to Who, Where and How are defined.
But Lean Innovation does not end there.  The process begins again to discover new attributes and features that can further protect small footholds in the market until they become protected market share.  visionfactory can provide case studies, presentations and workshops for kids at schools, after school clubs, youth organizations and young entrepreneur groups to show the way.

"I haven't failed...I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work."   Thomas Edison

Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets

Understanding the Intellectual Property (IP) process and strategy is an important part of creating protected markets for young entrepreneurs.  Kids need to know that patents, if appropriate, are only one piece of the IP puzzle.  Trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks can be as or more important to your market strategy for your invention or business.  The visionfactory GURUs are trained in a rigorous process that looks at all phases of the IP development including: Inputs, Materials, Systems, Assembly, Controls, Displays, Outputs and more through all media and mediums.  This onion skin strategy can help you decide what needs patenting and what does not within your solution.  When seeking investors, the construction of the IP is a key piece of the investor decision process.  Ignoring this can have negative impact on the invention's opportunities to grow and tackle competitive markets.  The visionfactory process is also designed to help kid's explore the triple bottom line.  This is a concept where the production or use of the product has an underlying social value through sharing of knowledge, protecting the environment, improving economic sustainability or providing increased transparency and/or governance that can lead to a better world.  At first these seem like large and unreachable goals.  Our goal is to provide young entrepreneurs the ability to reach those goals and succeed with their business ideas.  visionfactory can provide case studies, presentations and workshops for kids at schools, after school clubs, youth organizations and young entrepreneur groups to teach what each of the components of Intellectual Property are in a fun and engaging way.

"I don't care that they stole my idea...I care that they don't have any of their own"   Nikola Tesla

The Eco-System Builder

The visionfactory Eco-System Builder is a collaboration platform for young entrepreneurs across the globe.  Early next year, visionfactory will have completed its first six eco-systems for the platform and will be inviting inventors and entrepreneurs to upload videos and descriptions on the problems that intend to solve.  By reaching out to other young inventors and entrepreneurs, visionfactory hopes to instill the collaboration ethic.  We can all work faster, smarter and more effectively if we can find the right team members and focus on the solution.  Inventions built and delivered in a vacuum seldom reach the populations that need it.

The platform is being built in a partnership with FD Venture Farm.  The Venture Farm team has found a unique way to create a suite of collaboration products that bring people together from Universities, Corporations, NGOs and angel investment groups.  Together, we hope to identify and nurture the inventors and entrepreneurs of the future.  
The visionfactory Eco-System Builder™ will initially roll-out the following eco-systems:
  • 3D CAD Design for 3D Printing and Prototyping
  • Mobile App Programming
  • Hackathons for Kids
  • The Internet of Everything
  • From Video Game to Reality
  • Helping Kids in the 3rd World
If you are interested in exploring how the platform can include your school, youth organization or young entrepreneur group, send us an email at and we will send you information on our beta kit.

"Great discoveries and improvement invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.  I may be given credit for having blazed the trail, but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself."   Alexander Graham Bell
John Ellingson,
Oct 24, 2014, 2:40 PM