VF Eco-System Builder

The visionfactory Eco-System Builder (ESB beta available in 2015) is a collaborative development website for young entrepreneurs, inventors and project managers to upload ideas, concepts and products in a private setting.  A lot of methods and tools have been developed to help teams collaborate but these methods tend to lead people
to the traditional ways of thinking about collaboration. A more visual way to connect the six essential collaborative elements of innovation:
  • People
  • Information/Data
  • Ideas/Concepts
  • Tools/Skills
  • Solutions
  • Business Model Innovation
The visionfactory Eco-System Builder brings together kids to learn, build and measure the value of their ideas.  Our cloud-based collaboration portal is designed using easy-to-use methods and tools that move kid's ideas from concept to business.  From our ESB Dashboard, inventors, entrepreneurs, GURUs and experts can monitor a project's progress which includes fast prototyping support, project management tools, team building exercises and secure levels of collaboration with:
  • Team subscribers of the ESB collaborative portal can assess several aspects of the concept/idea and assist inventors, entrepreneurs and project managers with issues during each step in the development process
  • GURUs to optimize time spent with hundreds of young inventors and entrepreneurs while attempting to understand markets and their solution
  • Experts to identify new applications and markets for technologies outside of
    the current field-of-use and assign appropriate resources for support
  • The VF Academy is an integral part of the visionfactory Eco-System Builder (ESB)
The ESB Collaborative Portal is meant to be accessible and affordable for most students.  The ESB network needs
 as many great ideas and people as it can get.  And sponsors are being sought to fund concepts, teams, education and solutions in their industries.  Students can compete for these funds through our online solutions contests or by a scholarship from a sponsoring corporation, institution or government agency.

So, send us a note at contactus@visionfactory.biz if you are interested in learning more about how you can participate in the ESB beta and help your team collaborate and deliver better solutions to the market.  For more information of the VF Academy, click here.
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