The Eco-Systems

One of the first visionfactory eco-systems that ESB Members will build is Mobile for Everyone.  In the 90's, it cannibalized its parent's profit-laden land lines.  In the 2000's, mobile apps instant gratification from content helped wrest control from wireless carriers and music industry execs alike.  Today, the Mobile Eco-System is strong and hungry tackling the Payment Processing Industry, the Healthcare Industry, Automotive, Retail, Logistics, Hospitality and more.  Kids today need to understand how each of those industries work so that they can create the mobile solutions of the near-future.  We are looking for Corporate Partners who lead their industries and understand that a strong development eco-system starts young. We need to attract the type of talent that can embed value-creating mobile solutions in every aspect of our businesses.  

Another of the first visionfactory eco-systems that ESB Members will build is 3D Printing as a Service.  The potential impact to the Manufacturing Industry is just the beginning.  3D PaaS Fast Prototyping enables faster learning, building and measuring in any industry with a physical product no matter what it is made of.  Plastic might be easier but organic and nano
constructs are already being tested.  3D PaaS is valuable to young inventors because it requires understanding the fundamentals of design, human-machine interaction, simulation, scale and cost all at an incredible pace. The Software Industry is mashing solutions by integrating GPUs and CPUs to create HD quality data visualization in both real and virtual worlds.  Partners from the Media/Entertainment Industry, Consumer Products Industry, Packaging, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive and more who are looking to see where young, bright minds might look for solutions, can participate at multiple levels.

Collaborative team designing and building robots is the closest thing to engineering that a student can participate in.  The Robots for Good eco-system moves beyond the traditional Bot Competitions to extend
 team across the globe to allow kids to interact and capture ideas.  Often the solutions robots can provide are not things that are needed here in the US but could be essential for public safety and community health in the Developing World.  The prototypes can be used for presentations in the FIRST Robotics and VEX Competitions with business cases that demonstrate impact on human lives.  Collaboration with the PaaS teams can foster rapid iteration and stronger innovation cycles to produce incredible results. Partners from universities and engineering firms can benefit from seeing how analytic minds on diverse teams walk through the innovation process from concept to delivery.

Music as a Business is focused on the eco-system that creates, delivers and captures the live performances of artists and bands of every genre.  Let's face it...the music business is upside down.  This eco-system build is to provide artists and bands with the collaborative tools to help them overcome the barriers to success.  Beyond virtual collaboration on songwriting and performing, audio and video post-production on the cloud can enable kids to produce the highest quality audio to match the HD video their phones already capture.  However, the basics of this eco-system revolve around picking the right team...not just the artists.  Music as a Business requires promoters, producers, engineers, distributors, administrative managers, financiers, merchandisers and fanatical fans to be successful.  Sometimes, just picking your best friends to get these jobs done can have disastrous results.  However, just learning about the roles from experienced mentors and evaluating which ones are the right fit for you can help everyone become a part of an effective team.

Additional eco-systems are being evaluated.   Supercomputers for your Pocket and White Spaces are two areas of interest that the GURUs want to build.  Both will require partners with resources and facilities to move forward.