The visionfactory Academy will be opening in April of 2015 to provide online classes, self-directed videos, document, reports, case studies and more to promote education about:
          • Mobility Eco-Systems - where the solutions are needed
          • Intellectual Property and Asset Building
          • Agile Project Management
          • Team Building
          • Prototyping with 3D CAD and Printers
          • Product Development Techniques
          • Business Model Innovation
          • Lean Startup Methodology & Customer Discovery
          • The Innovator's Solution & Disruption Theory
          • Communications
All Academy courses are designed for audiences from age 9 to age 16.  The concepts are similar to those taught at the adult level but with more emphasis on collaboration and putting together the right team.  At the end of each course, the students will be encouraged to practice within the ESB.  We are actively looking for MOOC leaders, content sponsors and case study examples to present in the classes and in research collateral.  Anyone interested should visit our Partners page.  

Course outlines are available below: 
John Ellingson,
Oct 30, 2014, 11:48 AM