Partners of visionfactory

visionfactory works with several partners to deliver GURU services, Eco-System Builder Tools and VF Academy Online Content for kids.  Some VF Experts and Companies donate their time because they are supporters of an entrepreneurial community and they provide support services not typically available to young students through schools or clubs in the US. Children, as young as 10, in Asia are getting classes in Graphic Design, Coding and 3D Computer Aided Design as a part of their daily studies.  By 12, they are being taught the fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing Fundamentals.  Yet, for reasons no one has quite figured out, innovation seems to be in the psyche of American Kids.  So, with a little help we, at visionfactory, choose to nurture and grow that capability.  This only comes from hard work and lots of failures as it is impossible to get the solution and business right the first time.  Here are a few areas where partners can help:
  • Eco-System/Industry Partners
  • Strategic Investment Partners
  • 3D CAD Software/Printer Partners
  • Simulation/Virtual Lab Partners
  • Inventor/Entrepreneur Partners
  • University/Incubator Partners
  • STEM Education Partners
  • Team Building Experts
  • Collaboration Experts
  • Intellectual Property Experts
  • Fast Prototyping Experts
  • Product Development Experts
  • Parents & Family